come inside the fire
leave your trickery behind
go insane
go mad
burn like a candle-moth

first make yourself a stranger
to yourself and
tear down your house
then move with us
dwell in the abode of love

wash your chest
seven times over
cleansing from hatred
then mold yourself into the chalice
holding the pure wine of love

to understand the intoxicated
you must become intoxicated
to join the eternal soul
you must become a soul

you heard my story and
your spirit grew wings
now you must be annihilated in love
to become a fable of your own

your imagination my friend flies away
then pulls you as a follower
surpass the imagination and
like fate
arrive ahead of yourself

passion and desire
has locked your heart
you must become the key
the teeth of the key
to open all locks

King Solomon gives you a message
listen to the birds
they are talking to you
calling you a trap
frightening them away

to capture us they say
you must make a nest
you must make a nest

your sweetheart’s face
is appearing now
change yourself to a mirror
and fill yourself to the brim

so many gifts
you purchased for your love
quit buying gifts
give yourself over

you were a part of the
mineral kingdom in the beginning
then you change to animal life for awhile
then you found the soul of a human for awhile
now the time has arrived
to become
the soul of souls

From: Rumi ” Fountain of Fire”
Translated by Nader Khalili

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  1. Roberta Shoemaker-Beal
    Oct 04, 2014

    Hi James,

    Your website popped up! Love the poem by rumi above……… thanks.

    Think having this “enchanted space” pop-up was a synchronicity, for I am consulting with a Mom, whose son is going through stress and is tapping a mythic level of self in dreams. He feels he has been inauthentic his whole life, so as a 16 year old, his need for a clearer path, during his identity turmoil, is pressing forth. History of a broken marriage. You would have been a good art therapist for him.” However, you seem to be retired… ? I hope not entirely.

    Because her family is in stress, the Mom has dropped out of her art therapy training for a year. She is bright, creative and dedicated to see her son, and her whole family, through his transition into young adult hood. I am working on seeing his abilites as a creativite gift, and not as a pathology. He has “passed out” at school, had a dream-like vision on awakening. When described to her, this frightened the school nurse, who did not know what to do. “Waking vision” was later drawn by him, for mother to easily find in with school books. She told me about it and it is in fact, hopeful.

    Love seeing your web site with the spirit of eco-art therapy and a temenos. So glad the pictures are available on-line to share with future art theapy students, such as this one, and others who contact me with eco-art therapy interests. Let me know if you are open to a phone consult with this Mom about her son and his mythic journey.

    Have offered this Mom and family a mandala shaped white table, brought from Virginia, in fact, to set up as a “center for creativity” in the corner of their dinng room. They, as yet, do not have one. Making a “center for creativity where one lives, works or plays” is a requirment in my Art Therapy Across the Lifespan class for 14 years. She wants to do that. Shall direct her to your web site to see an art therapy studio that is one I admire. Love the plants and fountain in the center of the table!

    Let me know if you have anytime available to consult for this young man whose life is in a difficult transtion.

    May our paths cross again……….. Gratefully, Roberta

    Creatas@aol.com 512-847-0371

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