To the 5000 kids that have enriched my life and the more than 500 teachers and administrators that have laughed, loved and cried with me. Thank you!!…. I am blessed to have crossed paths with you.

Each moment during these 31 years as an art therapist, I have poured my heart out with passion and conviction. The vessel emptied and then it filled always preparing me for new learning and new adventures. The pouring and filling expanded my horizons. Almost everyday I was excited to come to work. I love my job.

In 1973 I wrote a valedictorian speech on, “What is essential is invisible to the eye” Armed with this conviction, I headed off to Georgetown University to be a doctor. BUT, I took my first art course with Daniel Brush; our first assignment was to draw the “sound of the heart beating” and I have never been the same. The art was the magic; I began to study eastern medicine and healing. And so this new alchemy began.  I have spent the last 31 years igniting the inner healer through the art that lies within each person. The chi that heals and reveals.  {If you have time read the rest of the letter, and thanks}…