The Teacher and the Warrior

James Torrenzano A.T.R. was an  art therapist working in the Fairfax County School System in Virginia, a former faculty member for over eighteen years at Marymount University teaching art therapy and psychology classes and a professional magician. During his 31 years teaching, Mr Torrenzano  crossed paths with over 5000 kids.

He has been an innovator in school systems where he focused on incorporating art, magic and ritual back into traditional environments. A dynamic speaker from the heart, Mr Torrenzano  presented seminars throughout the country on The Healing Power of Art.

He is currently working on a video series entitled, Beyond the Ordinary: The Teacher as Warrior His  key note address, “The Enchanted Way, Realignment of the Self” was heralded as the best talk ever heard by over one-hundred teachers. He has lectured around the country on ways to promote “healing in the classroom”.

Mr Torrenzano’s work is inspired by the philosophy of Jung, Campbell, and Eliade and his thirty one years of working as an art therapist with people of all ages. He has trained with Michael  Harner  and spent five years pursuing an understanding of shamanism in the western world. He was nominated for “Teacher of the Year” in Fairfax County Public Schools. James has recently developed a web site: www.torrenzanophotography.com   to share his photo vision.

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