1From a Student this Year

“To start off Id like to apologize for the lack of creativity in this letter/note. It was a last minute thing that I thought of. During this creative art journey I learned three things….first; everyone can draw, but not necessarily well. Second, everything and ANYTHING takes time and effort. Third of all I learned that if you take your heart and soul and put it towards something you will ALWAYS have something to be proud of in the end. After this experience in your class my entire life changed for the better. I started smiling for no reason, sounds stupid but everyday I just felt the need to have a big smile on my face every second of the day. Also I became more patient, self motivated, and focused. Most importantly I learned to believe. Through out the course of my life I was always put down and made fun of because my artwork wasn’t as great as everyone else’s. But now I see all the amazing pieces I’ve made this semester and I still can’t believe I created them.

Just so I hope you never forget what a big impact you made on me, I’m giving you this gift. If you aren’t sure what it is, it’s feng shui coin ball. I’ve had it since I was five. I went to Chinatown and though it was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve always thought of it as a good luck charm, it’s never really failed. I just thought you should have it cause it’ll bring luck to you during your years of retirement! By the way I hope you have a blast! relax, play guitar; work on Art! Whatever floats your boat! Just always remember, you will never ever be forgotten….you’ll always be thought of as my all time favorite teacher! Best wishes to you and your family! And thank you for everything!

2From a Parent this Year

I wanted to pass along a note of sincere appreciation and gratitude! We attended Back to School Night for our daughter, K., a week or so back and were truly impressed with your presentation and curriculum. Our daughter has had a wonderful experience for the past year at Herndon Middle School and that continues this year, her 8th grade year. She has been most excited daily with her classes, but especially talks about the opportunities for success and respect that she encounters daily in your art class. We realize that teenagers do not always share everything with their parents and it is truly a blessing when our children talk about and sincerely WANT to talk about things that are exciting to them. Discussions of “Mr. T” and your art class are almost daily ones in our home. K. knew from the start that she was in a class with a teacher that wanted to be there, knew the content and curriculum inside and out, and was spending time each morning with an adult that truly cared about and understood children (well young adults J).

We were equally impressed with the sincerity of your BTS Night presentation and your candid discussion and interest in our child. We realize that BTS Night is not a time (and there simply is not enough time for it) to talk with individual parents about their child. It is a fast-moving evening with short periods of time to talk about the course to parents. However, it truly stood out to us when you took just a few seconds to make a comment on K. to us – and we walked away knowing that you truly got to know our daughter (and surely all of your students) in just a few short weeks at the beginning of the school year. It resonated with us and we greatly appreciated as well as understand better now when we hear daily about the excitement of your 2nd period class

“Children don’t care how much you know, until you let them know how much you care.” This is a quote that I have heard and it is so applicable to you and your style of interacting with your students. It became immediately apparent to us as parents, that your classroom is a safe and respectful learning environment and a place where students (at such a critical time in their lives as teenagers) learn respect and are respected! Thank you,